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A few words About WiT 2020

Women in Tech

WiT 2020 is a female led technology fest with the aim of displaying a platform for showcasing the best and the latest innovations in the world of technology.

  • Event held on 16-04-2020.
  • Female above 13 years are eligible to apply this event in various tracks.
  • Place Gyan Bhawan, Patna.
  • Only the women candidates are pertinent.

The mission of WiT

To create a spark in women entrepreneurship in the world of IT,through programming skills and a step up for digital lives.
So that they also will be able to put their hands on the latest technologies. By providing them professional networks, expert talks nd panel discussions.

  1. Tripti Shinghal Somani
  2. Sumitra Bagchi
  3. Usha Jha
  4. Nikita Gandhi
  5. Priyanka Sinha
  6. Sapna Grover


  • As we all know that Science and technology have freed humanity from many burdens , due to this we can instantly communicate across the world.
  • The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow and it’s most fundamental purposes is empowering people to do more , so this event is organising a technical theme where you’ll get a feeling of digital world.
  • Now-a-days Humuns use technology to travel, to communicate, to learn, specially technology save and improves the lives of girls and women, ultimately leading to more equitable development, strong families, better services, better child health.
  • Technology transform the lives of women in the developing world. By better understanding and integrating women's needs into IT development.
  • It's create safe enviroment and focus on women's empowerment.
  • The potential for technology to improve the lives of women and girls across the globle is too large.
  • It reflects women's Innovation in tech.